Customers have always been our top priority. We are focused on making sure that your environment will be comfortable, clean and welcoming to all who enter your commercial or residential facility. We use  the best products and equipment, and our professional staff is highly trained to use the right equipment. Our site managers focus on quality control procedures to see that your needs are attended to in a proper and timely manner. The next priority is our employees. Advance BioTrauma Cleanup is a family-friendly company. We work to develop long term relationships with our customers as well as our staff. That special attention to detail and focus on long-term relationships translates into quality service for our customers.

We also value honesty and integrity, so you will never be overcharged for the services we render. Advance BioTrauma Cleanup offers the most competitive rates in the industry, and we will be happy to refund any portion of your payment that was unnecessary. Our professional and friendly staff will make every effort to finish a job as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. Therefore, if we estimate a job will take twelve hours and you’ve paid in advance, yet the job only took ten hours, we will refund the difference immediately.

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