Blood, Urine And Feces Cleanup

Advance Bio-Trauma Cleanup provides rapid-response cleaning of blood and other bodily fluids in the home, workplace or vehicles. Protecting you from exposure to blood-borne pathogens, we discreetly and professionally provide remediation of carpets, walls, furnishings and other surfaces.

In the workplace, Advance Bio-Trauma Cleanup protects your employees from blood-borne pathogen exposure. We arrive quickly, secure the site, and use the highest safety standards and protocols to ensure total cleanup of spilled blood from accidents, workplace trauma, crime or other incidents.

In the home, Advance Bio-Trauma Cleanup technicians provide the same level of service in blood stain cleanup, always maintaining a level of respect and compassion for family. We remediate blood and other bodily fluids from unattended death, suicide, accidents and other trauma to ensure that the home is returned to normal as quickly as possible.

All our processes follow strict EPA and OSHA guidelines and all surfaces are cleaned to clinical standards.

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